The Light Beneath

Viridis Island: an island cursed with endless rain by an ominous sailor in 1947. An island where secrets run so deep that it seems impossible for...

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October Grae

October Grae is an author from no where in particular. He is currently working on his YA supernatural mystery series, Helm's Curse, while occasionally writing poetry and obsessing over trees.

Other Writing

No End, No Beginning - Album by Sea Fables

"No End, No Beginning" is Sea Fables' second album. This instrumental concept album is meant to accompany The Light Beneath: Helm's Curse Book 1 by October Grae.

This album has 21 original tracks inspired by vintage vibes, stormy seas, and something lurking in the darkness.

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deep blue - Album by Sea Fables

"deep blue" is the first album by Sea Fables, created for the book series Helm's Curse by October Grae. "deep blue" consists of 14 original tracks.

This is a fully instrumental album. My inspiration was a mixture of vintage vibes, strange, unexplainable happenings, and stormy nights lost at sea.

It tells the story of Stanley Helm's venture across the sea and how he ended up on Viridis Island.

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Latest Updates

June 14, 2024 HC Characters

I made these with Picrew for fun. Making the characters mostly accurate to how I picture them was surprisingly easy with this one.

May 29, 2024 Free PDF!

You can read The Light Beneath for free here. Download the PDF from Dropbox.

It isn't required, but I'd greatly appreciate leaving a rating or a review on Goodreads after you...

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February 16, 2024 Join the Discord!

The Helm’s Curse Discord will be the first to hear of giveaways, contests, and updates, so come join us!

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